Public Records Available Online

In keeping with the spirit of openness and accountability, we offer immediate access to information that is commonly made public through reports to the Iowa Board of Regents as well as other information of general interest.

Year End Reports

Calendar Year 
PDF iconCalendar Year 2016 Year-End Summary.pdf

PDF iconFY 2016 Statistical Summary and Highlights.pdf
PDF iconFY2015 Public Records Statistical Report and Summary.pdf

Quarterly Reports for 2017

PDF iconCalendar Year 2017, 1st Quarter.pdf

Quarterly Reports for 2016

PDF iconCalendar Year 2016, 1st Quarter.pdf
PDF iconCalendar Year 2016, 2nd Quarter.pdf
PDF iconCalendar Year 2016 3rd Quarter.pdf
PDF iconCalendar Year 2016, 4th Quarter.pdf      

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Documents Submitted to the Board of Regents

 Board of Regents Report Table (Materials submitted by The University of Iowa)
 Full listing of Board of Regents Reports (from all Regent institutions)
 Regent Agenda Items (2000-2016)

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