Public Records Fee Schedule

The University of Iowa has a centralized process for tracking and responding to public records requests. To expedite the processing of your request, please read the instructions below before submitting your request.

When you're done reading the instructions, click below to submit a public records request (you will be directed to a separate page). All requests are posted publicly on our Public Records Log. The log is updated once a month, and requests are posted to the log the month following the date they are received.

Records request

Looking for a public record? You can submit a public records request online.

Instructions for submitting a request

When submitting your public records request, please provide as many specific details as possible so that we may locate the record(s) quickly and efficiently.  If you are requesting any of the records listed below, please click on the appropriate link for additional guidance on what details to include in your request. 

If you are requesting student educational records, patient records, or personnel records, please see below.

Records Request

When requesting a student directory list, please describe the student population (undergraduate, graduate, professional) and specify which directory elements (e.g. name, address, email address, year in school, etc.) you would like included in your list.

Please note that to obtain a student directory list, there will be a fee for the database extraction (billed at a rate of $75/hour).  The Office of Transparency will email you an invoice with payment instructions upon receipt of your request.

Along with the invoice, a data request form will also be sent to you, which you’ll need to complete and email back before your request will be processed. 

UI students are allowed to restrict their directory information, so you will be getting a list of students who have not restricted that information.

Although individuals and/or organizations outside of the University may legally obtain University email addresses, our e-mail system is not intended for mass delivery of non-university related messages.  The University uses services and techniques to protect against malicious e-mail, unsolicited (“spam”) advertising, and targeted “phishing” scams. We reserve the right to take appropriate action to protect our systems and community members, including but not limited to blocking the delivery of e-mail and the sources that violate this policy.

If you are requesting emails or correspondence of University employees, please identify the specific University of Iowa employees whose records you would like searched.  Also include a date range for the search and specific keywords for us to use in the search. 

Please note that in accordance with our fee schedule, we charge a rate of $30/hour for requests that will take longer than one hour to process, which includes both the time it takes to retrieve documents as well as time to review documents for protected or confidential information. The broader your search parameters, the longer it will take to complete your request, and the more it will potentially cost. 

If requesting bid/purchasing records, please provide the RFP/bid number and the title of the bid, and/or specify the name of the awarded vendor. Please also specify what records are being requested (bid tabulation, contracts, copies of proposals, etc.). 

Bid proposals and contracts may contain confidential information, and there may be delays in processing requests for these types of records. Please note that all proposal documents and contracts need to be reviewed for confidential information, and suppliers may need to be notified of the request and be given the opportunity to assert if any of the information contained in their documents is a trade secret that should be redacted and exempted from disclosure. The documents would then need to be reviewed by our legal counsel before they can be released. 

Please include the name of the person involved, date of incident, case number if known, and any other pertinent details. 

Incident reports containing the date, time, location, and immediate facts and circumstances of a case are subject to disclosure. However, materials that are part of a police investigative file are confidential and not subject to disclosure based on Iowa Code Chapter 22.7(5).

Requests for accident reports should be submitted through

Please provide specific details about the data being requested, including a date range. However, please note that Iowa Open Records Law, Chapter 22 of the Iowa Code, does not require government bodies to create records in a specified format in order to respond to a request. Upon receipt of your request, the university will assess if there are existing records that contain the requested data, or if responsive data could be extracted. For database extraction or computer programming, the university charges a rate of $75/hour to produce data.

For other requests, please identify the record in as much detail as possible and submit a request using the link above.

Student educational records, patient records, and employee personnel files are confidential under state and/or federal laws and may only be disclosed to the individual to whom they pertain or by parties who have written consent from that individual.  Please view the following links for more information on how to request access to these records.  You should not submit a public records request for these records. Please contact the appropriate department directly.


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Employee Personnel Files


Assigned a Request

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